Monday, February 22, 2010

Linn County - February 21, 2010

(l-r): Dave, Kyle, Ron, Kevin & Cole

Five of us decided to take advantage of February temperatures in the low 60's and sunshine to go for ride around Linn County.

Cole (son-in-law) on a Suzuki DR650, Ron on a Honda 1100 Shadow Sabre and Kevin (me) on a Honda 1100 Shadow Sabre rode from Stayton to Waterloo where we met up with Dave (Cole's dad) on a Triumph 650 Bonneville and Kyle on a Honda VLX 600.

Cole getting ready to ride

Kevin ready to roll

Dave's bike in pre-electric starter so he has to kick start it

Heading down Dave's driveway

Out of Waterloo we rode on Berlin Road then around Foster Reservoir into Sweet Home where Kyle left us to visit his family in Lebanon. The rest of us took Hwy 228 to Brownsville where we crossed over I-5 and into Halsey. Next we headed north on Hwy 99E before turning east and crossing back over I-5 and into Sodaville. We wandered on back roads ending up at Dave's house in Waterloo where Cole and Dave stayed while Ron and I rode back to Stayton.

The entire trip was 127 miles.

Here is a map of the route we took:

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